The party has moved!

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The Pajama Party on
Labor Day
Monday Sept 1 - 2003

has moved!

it will now be at
Holloway's Pub
in the Royal Palm Plaza
from 10:30pm to 2am!

Yes you read that right. I know labor day is on a Monday and Holloway's is my Tuesday place. It means that for one week only Holloway's will have two nights of karaoke in a row. The party WAS supposed to be at Murphy's, but things change, and Mike Holloway was happy to host the party.

No Cover
(charge that is)

Prizes given for Naughtiest, Classiest & Goofiest sleep wear


Kamikaze Karaoke
with prizes

Frank-E always buys drinks for ladies who dare to bare
(he's just nice that way)

Dancing in your PJ's. - all night long!

Don't miss this outrageous party!
More info for this year's party will be posted here as it becomes available, so keep checking back.

I'm still trying to think of a good food or "munchies" to serve. I'd like to do smoores but I'm afraid they'd burn down the bar. Some said popcorn. Pizza is possible. Let me know what you think really captures the feeling of a pajama party.

See the area below for info on the last Pajama Party

What a GREAT party!

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Labor Day - Monday Sept 2 - 2002
the first annual
Pajama Party

Murphy's Downtown

Was a great success!

Those who dared to share what you wear to bed had a great time.

We congratulate all those who attended.

All told we had about 25 people in PJ's.
Some sang, some danced, some shot pool in the back room.
Every one was surprisingly well behaved
(shame - we're going to have tot work on that.)
But we have decided to make this an annul event
so we'll see you next year on Labor day.

The karaoke show where YOU get to be the star.

Your host Frank E.
Providing entertainment for the home, pub, or corporate event.

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