If you're wondering what to expect, what goes on, or how to dress,
we offer these links.
The photos from OKE-FEST 08 are on MySpace.
You should be able to see them with out logging on or having an account there.

If you would like to see photos from OKE-FEST 2007 and previous years click here.
Because thay are on THIS web site, and I know that will work.

Below is the orginal flyer / web page for the 08 party

The event of the season!

The fifth annual


Memorial Day
Monday May 26th - 2008

Featuring singers from dozens of bars
KJ hosts from all over Broward and Palm Beach

4pm to 2am
10 hours of karaoke in one day!

families & young people welcome during the daylight hours.

bounce house
and other activities for the kids till 8pm

No Cover
(charge that is)

Free Beer
Free Food
Great Music
But you can BYOB if you like something in particular or just want to help out.

you'll find out why.

We promise a day in the sun and a night under the stars.

The day part (4-8pm) tends to be a family BBQ and we only sing the "radio clean" songs.
After sunset, the kids go home, the shots come out, the hot tub opens, and almost anything goes.

Don't miss this outrageous party!
More info for this year's party will be posted here as it becomes available, so keep checking back.

Based on last year, this year's OKE-FEST is expected to be sponsored by

The Frank-E-oke Karaoke Show
Larry McCormick of Country Karaoke & more

Food Sponsors
Media Sponsor

Southern Comfort logo
(your banner could be here)

If you're a local KJ and would like to be involved with OKE-FEST '08 please contact Frank E here.

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