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The 19th annual
Pajama Party

will be .

Saturday Aug 27th 2022

Frank-E-oke's 19th annual Pajama Party
invites you to


We'll be featuring

More specials TBA
Random Drink Specials
Kamikaze Karaoke
with prizes
Prizes given for
Classiest &
Goofiest sleep wear
Frank-E always buys drinks for ladies who dare to bare
(he's just nice that way)

Free Food

Singing & Dancing in your PJ's.
all night long!
$5 House shots

This event is for people 21 and over only.
we will be carding at the door.

All drink, food, and buffet specials will only be available
to those dressed (or undressed) for bed.
If you come in street clothes - expect to pay full price (and get laughed at).

Don't miss this outrageous party!

For those of you who have not been to this event before,
it's basically a karaoke / pajamas party for adults.
Some girls come in PJ's, fuzzy slippers and wear their hair in pig tails.
Other peoples sleep wear runs more toward Victoria's Secret.
Some guys wear slippers and boxers, others do the "Hugh Heffner bath robe" look.

Mike showed up early for a reason
Group shot 2008Group shot 2011

The point is - it's a fun and goofy party we do every year and this year it returns too

Saturday Aug 17th

Non smokeing inside.

Holloway's Pub

6909 SW 18TH Street
(561) 620-2318
Click here for a map )

8:55pm - 1am

This Frank-E-oke show
hosted by Frank E.

Ya gotta figure, we wouldn't have thrown an 19th party, if the first 18 weren't fun. Right?

This event is 21 and over ONLY
all night long.
ID will be required.

Here's a news article about a PREVIOUS party (with a photo from the year before)
But most of the info (and people) are the same this year too.

The date and location mentioned in this artical are NOT correct for this year.

Click this link to see photos of the previous Pajama Parties

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