The karaoke show where YOU get to be the star.

The lovely Abby with your host Frank E.
JennBilly from Virgina Our host Mike HollowayYou should be honest in how you dressJ Mo Everything's better with a Guiness Da gang'Grape Juice' Lynn & and the difficult to photograph Jeannine.
It's just a cool photo, isn't it?
Big JohnReasons to study Geometry.Animal Crackers
Give John a dollar and see what happens.
Mike - Too drunk to stand, too drunk to singThe Winn Dixie Chics ride again. Bob C sings an Ode to His CarBardoJoshKarl Dan & The Devil went down to Georgia
Karaoke ain't no dragAshley tears it up*
Dr. Jones and Da Boys
Dan's Birthday

If you have a photo shot at a Frank-E-oke show, e-mail it to us and we'll post it here.

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