Frank E's Birthday is Oct 31st
It's a Halloween Party Weekend!

That's right Frank is was born on October 31st, 2 minuets before midnight.
(It explains a lot now that you think about it)
It's his
14th annual 39th birthday party!
(yes that means he's 53.)

Do you hear the Werewolves Of London?
Do you see a Bad Moon Rising?
Are you Hot Blooded (check it and see.)
Finish up Halloween week by Feeding Your Frankenstein
with the only Karaoke host we know that was actually born on Halloween!
(so he's an expert)

Thursday night warm up at Packy's west boca.

DO NOT skip Thursday and try to drink hard Friday & Saturday!
It hurts. - Use Thursday to ramp up.
Mr. Miyagi says, "Ramp up, ramp down"


For those souls near Boca Raton

O'Brian's first logo
This bar is not affected by the smoking law.
O'Brian's Pub - Boca
51 SE 1st Ave
Boca Raton, FL 33432

( Click here for a map )

9:55pm - 1am

This Frank-E-oke show
hosted by
Dan C.


Holloway's Pub
6909 SW 18TH Street
(561) 620-2318
Click here for a map )

8:55pm - 1am

This Frank-E-oke show
is hosted by Lloyd R.

Mad hatter - Regular Sunday show - 4pm - 8pm

This bar is smoke free inside but has an outdoor patio bar for smokers.

CJ's Island Grill Holloween party
606 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth, Florida 33460
(561) 249-6131

( Click here for a map )

7:55pm - 12mid

This Frank-E-oke show
hosted by Cowboy Fred

Costume Party

This bar is smoke free inside but has an outdoor patio bar for smokers.

6 S J St,
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

( map )

9:30pm - 1:30am

This Frank-E-oke show
hosted by Fred C.

Mischief Night karaoke/ costume party
We are having one hell of a costume competition this year. $50 bar tab for first place and $25 dollar bar tab for second place in three categories.
$2.50 PBRs while they last.

Wed Oct 31st
Frank E.'s B-day

The Chopping Block
4 East Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach FL 33444
(561) 808-7220

( map )

8:55pm - 1am

This Frank-E-oke show
hosted by Frank E.

If you're thinking about presents, Frank likes bottled gifts he can drink.
(Something has to wash down all that cake.) (grin)

Recovery night - Thursday Nov 1st at Packy's west boca.

Alive or un-dead, Frank E. will host the regular karaoke night there.

Remember what Mr. Miyagi & Frank E always say . . .
"Ramp up- Ramp down. Don't just stop drinking cold turkey - it hurts."

You need a day of drinking half as much to ramp down.

(Nobody ever got a hangover from drinking,
you get a hangover because you foolishly STOPPED drinking.)

Always rember the fact that real vampires don't SPARKLE!

(Watch this site for more info as it develops or rises from the gave.)

With Frank-E-oke

If you can't tell, I like to collect Halloween clip art.
Download anything you like.
If you have anything I might think is cool please sent it to me here.

I found this on the internet - no tricks. I thought it would be cool to include it here
It reads:

loving memory
beloved wife of
Frank E. Oke
Died Dec. 9TH 1918
Aged 19 years 3 mos.

It's located in the United Brothern Cemetery which is a small cemetery in Canada just north of Toronto and west of Ottawa.
Weird Huh?
I have not been able to find Mr. Oke's head stone.
Maybe he's not dead yet?

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